For those of you that really want to know how we work, here’s a little insight which gives an overview of the journey of a product from order to delivery. And if you haven’t yet read about our history then you can do so here!

Lindleywood - wood and paint
It starts with wood and paint….
Simon Makes the Boxes Simon making the boxes
….Simon makes the boxes….
Box before painting
.…so they look like this….
Helen Painting
.… we undercoat and top coat….
Painting boxes Painting boxes
.…and paint on the pattern….
.…then add the details….
Lindleywood parcels ready for delivery
.…then packing them carefully….
UPS Van Bird Box
.…to be delivered to you!

It’s as simple as that.

(Well actually it looks simple, but in reality there’s a lot of effort, love and care in every single one!)

And we thank you for being interested in our hand-made products.

With our very best wishes

Helen and Simon