Bespoke Orders

Bespoke Orders

When browsing through our range of unique bird boxes, keepsake boxes, wedding post boxes, butterfly houses, and planters, what if you can't see what you want?

We regularly get customers requesting something different. Sometimes just a bit different. And sometimes miles away from anything we had imagined. 

Often a bespoke order turns into something we think other customers would like and we can add it to the site - some of our best-selling designs were once an idea in a customer’s head and which we turned into a box. So when you see our wine bottle, cat, cricket pavilion, taxi, narrowboat and many more designs, you have our customers to thank as they requested the design in the first place!

Lindleywood Cat Bird Box Lindleywood Wine Bottle Bird Box Lindleywood Cricket Club Bird Box Lindleywood Taxi Bird Box Lindleywood Narrowboat Bird Box
Sometimes people will see our existing designs and ask for a minor change. The most common request we get is for additional personalisation or a slight colour change. As we handmake everything to order we can generally accommodate that immediately. Usually at no additional cost. (If you want to know more about our bespoke narrowboats, they have their own page here.)
  Purple Caravan Bird Box made for TV's Love You Garden with Alan Titchmarsh Lindleywood Red Taxi Bird Box 
Perhaps you want a bigger change to an existing box design? Maybe have something to match a home or garden colour scheme? Perhaps a product to include a business logo? Or something which represents a hobby or interest? We can do that too. There's usually an additional cost due to time we need to take but this usually ranges from £5-£20 on top of the cost of the box.


Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - B&Q Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Nottingham Trent Uni Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Greystone Golf Club Wicklow

All the above adaptations involve our usual box designs with some changes made to the paintwork. But we can also make slight structural changes and additional paint design to our existing boxes for an additional cost of around £20-£40 on top of normal prices.

 Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Group Choice Coach Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Miner's Helmet Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - German House 

Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box Mini Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box Ford Cortina Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box Miners Lamp

Or maybe you want something out of the ordinary? Or on a grand scale? Or something which acts as a memento of a family event like a holiday or wedding? We can make many items from scratch. Making time and costs can vary dramatically depending on the work involved - but big ideas like a model of your house or a big pub could take up to 4 months. Prices are calculated on a very individual basis and usually start at £150 and we work from there

Whether it’s a bird box, keepsake box, storage box or wedding post box, we might be able to help - it’s always worth asking!

Please email us for prices and estimated making time.

Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Bridies Bar & Grocery Ireland Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Grantham Old Hospital Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Imperial Hotel Great Yarmouth Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Notre Dame Mauritius Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - St Christophers School Letchworth Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Buxton Opera House Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Devonshire Arms Hartington 2020 Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Hillstead Gt Shelford Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Lencia House Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Police Box Mann Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Portmeirion Camera Obscura Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Summerhouse Brown Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Tuba Flugelhorn Lindleywood Bespoke Wedding Post Box

And finally, sometimes we make something very special. You can read all about our Grand Design House here!

Lindleywood Bespoke Bird Box - Grand Designs House