Lindleywood at Redbubble

If you like our designs but don't have the space for our products, we have now allowed the company, Redbubble, to print some of our designs onto some of their products.  Redbubble print onto stickers, notebooks, mugs, t-shirts, bags - even shower curtains, cushions, and throws!

We upload our images and tell them which products we authorise whilst they set the prices and take care of the orders, production and shipping. They pay us each time someone buys a product with one of our images on it!

We are adding more designs to the Redbubble portfolio there but it does take time for us to transfer our 3D artwork into a digital image for them. Do let us know if there's a product of ours you'd like to see added, but please note that personalisation is not an option on these designs.

The link to the Lindleywood store on Redbubble is at

And remember all the prices, products and delivery are through Redbubble. We don't have any involvement in that.