Feeding the Birds In Your Garden

Although birds are very adept at finding food to feed themselves, they always appreciate a helping hand. This is especially true in the winter months, when much of their normal food is scarce. But it can be enjoyable feeding them all year round, too!


Feeding Birds Feeding Bird Feeding Birds

Here is a short guide to help you.

Black sunflower seeds are enjoyed by many birds and they are even more nutritious than the striped ones. Millet is also popular with lots of species, especially the smaller ones. Tits, sparrows and finches particularly enjoy these.

Unsalted peanuts are a favourite of many species and if crushed will even attract wrens and robins. Whole peanuts should only be put out in winter as young birds may choke on them during the Spring and Summer.

Fat balls are a highly nutritious food, but bought ones should be removed from their net bags to prevent small birds becoming tangled. You can also make your own using lard and seeds.

You can also feed the birds from kitchen scraps. Cooked rice and pasta, meat and fat scraps, cheese, fruit, pet food, dry breakfast cereal or a small amount of bread will all be appreciated by most bird species.

Do not give too much bread as it will fill a bird’s stomach without offering sufficient nutrition.

Ensure that mouldy food is removed as salmonella can cause food poisoning in birds and even kill them.

And remember that clean water is needed by your birds too for drinking and washing too!

Feeding Bird Feeding Birds Feeding Birds

Do your birds have any favourites? Please let us know and we’ll share them with everyone.