We try to keep privacy simple by not asking for what we don't need in the first place!

We only use your personal details for the purposes of making your order and getting it delivered. Unless you specifically have asked us to keep in touch, we do not use them for marketing purposes, and we NEVER pass details onto others unconnected to the making and delivery processes.  If you follow us on social media (and you're not a part of either of our personal social circles) then we have no access to any of your private profile information.

We only keep details for as long as is necessary under UK law (usually to keep HMRC happy!) and most of what is kept does not contain any identifiable details (usually confined to order number, customer name and product(s) ordered.) And the only people who have access to this information, outside of any legally required requests from HMRC, are us, Simon and Helen Lindley.  

We never have access to your payment details. These are taken and encrypted by the payment providers.

We hate all that spammy stuff that appears through our letterboxes and in our inboxes so we tend to assume all our customers do too! So we don't do it. But if you are concerned at any time over any information you have given to us, please do let us know.  

The only thing we do keep the rights to are our product images. So we reserve the right to use the images of the products we've made on our website, marketing, and social media.


Helen and Simon Lindley