Lindleywood on TV!

Over the years we or our products have been on TV. Some of the times we know in advance that we'll be on but sometimes products have been a background product (such as our pub bird box in Escape to the Country on the BBC). We have no idea how many times this happens as it's only when people spot them and let us know that we're aware.

Lindleywood Pub Bird Box in a tree on the Escape to the Country TV programme on the BBC

Sometimes they've been commissioned by someone who is appearing on a TV show (such as our making for home builders on Channel 4's Grand Designs - you can read about it here).

Lindleywood make a house bird box for a housebuilder on Grand Designs on Channel 4. Lindleywood Bird Boxes for Channel 4's Grand Designs

Occasionally we get asked to create products for a specific show (such as the purple caravan bird box for ITV's Love Your Garden.) We often can't let on for ages - mostly after a show has aired.

Lindleywood purple caravan bird box for ITV's Love Your Garden Lindleywood purple caravan bird box for ITV's Love Your Garden on TV

And very occasionally (well, once!) live TV beckons. Such a time occurred on 5th March 2014 when Helen appeared on ITV on the Alan Titchmarsh Show to talk about our products. It was live show with a studio audience and a combined live audience total (between the studio and the broadcast) of around 3 million people!

We didn't get much notice (about a week) and Helen was nominated to do it by Simon as he really didn't fancy it! Helen has been on some stuff for TV in her younger years, and been involved in various stage and backstage stuff over the years, and commented that a professional TV studio is as chaotic as an amateur stage production or a small music venue!

Back in 2014 our children were only little, aged 2 and 4, and Helen said that for her live TV was less stressful than dealing with 2 pre-schoolers! It was really interesting to see how things happen and how quickly items move from one subject to the next on a 'magazine' show like that. And it was a really super thing to be involved with.

ITV Studios London Helen at Lindleywood in 'Make-up' ahead of appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh show on 5th March 2014 Helen Lindley from Lindleywood on the Alan Titchmarsh show on 5th March 2014 Helen Lindley from Lindleywood talking to Alan Titchmarsh live on his TV show on 5th March 2014  Helen Lindley of Lindleywood with Alan Titchmarsh after appearing on his show

It's one of the fun things that happens occasionally!