Free Gift Wrapping

We never used to offer gift-wrapping but we realise that many of you are sending products as gifts directly to friends and family as you can't get to see them for birthdays and anniversaries etc. So we're offering FREE GIFT-WRAPPING to customers who want us to send their orders directly from us to their loved ones. Simply check the gift-wrap box on the product page and add a separate delivery address at the checkout and we'll do the rest. We'll make sure the order gets an unpriced gift receipt rather than an invoice too, and we can even add a short message to the receipt from you to the recipient.

Our products are such awkward shapes and normal wrapping paper doesn't cope well during the delivery process! But we've found that Brown Kraft paper is sturdy enough to deal with our products and delivery, with the added bonus that you can pop it in the recycling afterward. We tie into a bow with orange ribbon which looks effective and arrives intact. So it's a perfect way to brighten someone's day!

Lindleywood giftwrap - brown Kraft paper and orange ribbon